Was a vegan mean to you once? Is that why you wrote this article?

It's not "extreme" to be vegan. Veganism is a rather moderate stance actually--it's simply abstaining, as best as you can, from committing cruelty to animals. It's like refusing to buy from unethically-sourced clothing companies that use child labor to make jeans. Veganism is not about storming factory farms and killing slaughterhouse workers. It's about eating carrots you silly goose.

Have you ever stopped buying from a company because of their unethical views? I don't eat Chik-fil-a because they support organizations that are incredibly anti-LGBT for example. Veganism is the same thing but applied to animal rights.

By the way, "animal welfare" is a fancy term for "i still want animals to be killed but i want it to happen in a nicer way". In the words of Jake Peralta. "cool motive, still murder".

if you don't like people being preachy, then I encourage you to actually engaging with a dialogue instead of hiding behind MLK's words as a strawman argument. we vegans are ambassadors for peace, we're not militant, regardless of what you see in the media.

If you'd like to speak to me more about the issues and causes of veganism, please respond to this comment and i'd be happy to help! Until then, I encourage you not to white-wash MLK's teachings to bastardize an anti-cruelty movement.

A queer, herbivorous, leftist Viking. I write about society, justice, and popular media. UChicago grad. Based in Iceland.

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